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Where is Geocacher's Mecca

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I vote that the geocaching Mecca of all places atleast in Southern California in not the whole US is in Mission Trails Regional Park. Check this picture out of all the caches in there. Where do you think Mecca is?





If that's Mecca, I won't be converting to Islam any time soon.


I've cached through properties similar to that, and at the end of the day, all the hides blur together into one big cache-dense powertrailed mess. I still had fun, but it's not something I would like to do every weekend. Better to have a bit of space in between, so the hiker can smell the roses along the trail.

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Determining the Mecca of Geocaching will be highly personal and subjective!


From Wikipedia.org:

The term 'Mecca' has come into common usage metaphorically to mean any all-important site for any particular group of people, or a main attraction in a certain place or group of people that has a large turnout.


I'd have to go with the later half of that definition, and choose an idea instead of a place.


For me the Mecca of Geocaching would have to be my community of geocachers.


If going to Mecca means going to a place, that would have to be any of the events where geocachers gather.



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