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SkinGuy geocoins are now available


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We got our first coin hand delivered to us a couple nights ago, and loved it so much that we ordered three more of the polished nickel, and picked them up today. They are excellent coins! :blink:

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I'll be happy to trade coins -- just need to get things settled down a bit.


Keep in mind, the prices in the link include everything -- no additional shipping and handling fees.


But the only ordering choices are "US" or "International". No choice for Canada. It doesn't cost that much extra to ship to Canada, does it?

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Just sent in an order for three silver; nice and simple design! Nice to see that you have them in hand, too :) We have no problem at all with pre-orders, but it's nice to know that our order will be going out in a day or three, not a few weeks from now :huh:


BTW: with everyone else talking about forgettting to put their geo-handle in their order, that was the first thing I entered! :blink:

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The gold coins are sold out -- there may be a few for trades later.


There are still silver coins for sale.


I'd be happy to trade coins -- probably easiest to email me directly. I'll try to chase down trade offers here when things slow down.


Thanks to all!

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The coins ordered so far are all mailed. There are silver coins still available to order.


I have a few of the gold coins and the silver coins available for trading, if anyone is interested. I'll trade for any desirable coin -- desirable meaning any one that I don't have already...



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The SkinGuy geocoin is now available! The coins are available in silver or as a set of silver and gold. They are trackable and have their own icon. Activation codes are available at coincodes.com.


How to get there: SkinGuy geocoin






Intersted in trading for a set of my personal geocoin trainset geocoins?

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Got mine today. Very nice coin.


And what a surprise when there was two coins in the envelope. SkinGuy had put in a activated coin for me to release here in Sweden. Thank you SkinGuy.


Now I just have to find a nice mystery cache to put it in. :P



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