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The Geocoin Fairy Geocoin?

WWC-World's Worst Cacher

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I am now the proud owner of GEocoin Fairy Coin #147!! B):D:D:)




I saw that the geocoin fairy had paid a visit to NY, but when I checked out the caches, they turned out to be about 130 miles in Albany...


I was sad, thinking that I wouldn't be able to get a Fairy coin...but I talked about it in chat last night, and this morning decided to go for it.


My mom said she would make the long drive with me...but she is sooo slow. She does not understand the haste that is required in order to catch a fairy. She made me mow the lawn and water the flowers, then she went upstairs to "change her shirt" and doesn't come back..she was in the shower. :):)


At some point during the fight to leave the house, one of the caches with a fairy coin in it was logged..leaving only three left..and still over a two hour drive to find them.


We didn't get out of the house until almost 1, and the whole way there my mom kept yelling at me that I was speeding. :):)


We finally arrived and pulled up to the park. The cache was only about 300 feet from parking, and the coin was still there!!! :D:D:D I traded one of my brand new unactivated tadpole379 geocoins for the Fairy's little treasure.


Then on the way home..disaster struck :D:D


We pulled in to a rest area to get some food..because in the rush to leave I had forgotten to eat. We were looking at the food options, when all of I sudden I realized that I didn't have the coin!! :D I ran back out to the car hoping that I had dropped it on the floor or seat of the car...


And there it was...laying on the ground next to my door.. I was so relieved that it was there and someone hadn't noticed it and picked it up. :):)

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Wow the GCF had a busy day! She made it all the way to Hawaii. She even visited one of our caches. :) And silver GCF coin 37 is ours. :o:D Of course we almost didn't find our own cache... see Our Log. I'm so happy to have a matched set! And glad the Fairy came to our island this time.


Mahalo Nui Loa GCF, thanks for visiting paradise, hope you can stay longer next time!



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Wow, was I lucky :o ! Geocoin Fairy paid a visit to O'ahu today. Checked my email 10 mins after she logged the drop. Jumped in my cache moblie and had it in hand within 45 mins. Thanx GCF for Silver #186. I believe there is still one more out there in the Makapuu Bug Jar - GCZW9M.

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Congrat's to the new finders!


Side Note: Thank you Vegas Gamblers for emailing me last night and giving me the heads up! I stayed up late last night talking to a friend who needed an ear to bend, so I'm running behind. I see 1 is already gone :o I am taking off in a couple minutes to check on the other two....wish me luck! ~tsun

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Congrat's to the new finders!


Side Note: Thank you Vegas Gamblers for emailing me last night and giving me the heads up! I stayed up late last night talking to a friend who needed an ear to bend, so I'm running behind. I see 1 is already gone :o I am taking off in a couple minutes to check on the other two....wish me luck! ~tsun



Good Luck!!!!

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What an ordeal......lol! Again, Thanks to Vegas Gamblers for letting me know the GCF stopped in MT! :D VG sent me an email around 8:30 pm last night, saying the GCF stopped here in Helena. I asked for a link to the GCF and told him that I did not get any emails saying "she" stopped at any of my caches. LMAO, no wonder, cause "she" didn't drop any in any of mine? I guess I assumed it would happen that way.... Well, it's dark and storming out and VG is trying to convince me to go out and grab one of these. I have to admit that I contemplated it but I know where two of the caches were and dark and stormy/lightening in the forest by myself with 2 dogs that growl at everything that moves in the dark but fear lightening, it just reminded me of one of those movies you see and you say; "why are you doing that?" I told VG that I was too chicken, lol. I'm not afraid to admit I was a bit creeped out at the prospect of getting attacked by a bear or mountain lion and never have seen it coming, lol. I reasoned with myself that NO ONE in Helena is into coins like me, so I would have a pretty good shot a picking one up.....uh huh.


Wake up this morning, 1 is already gone :unsure: (oh no!) I'm off to a late start and I hit the closest one, get there, it's gone too but no one logged it yet (still, I just checked). Last shot at the one about 25-30 miles away on the way to Lincoln. Gonna kick myself if it isn't there... (I could have out fought a bear or mountain lion in a thunderstorm right? And to think no one would have heard my screaming)


Ok, so GCF says Black Angus? About a mile up the road.... I see some! I admit, I think I took about 10 pictures of the cattle but only because I was excited, don't worry, I won't post all the pictures of them :(




GPS is pointing at this structure. It's an old log and tin homestead. Now considering how remote this place is, I bet these homesteaders had quite a tough life but man it sure was pretty here. Trout Creek running through the field a few feet off.




I search for a couple minutes and find the container. It's just gotta be here..... I go find a spot to sit down and put my backpack down and proceed to open the container.....




It is SOOOOOO there! A cute little sticker that says "she" was really here! I signed the log with a huge grin on my face. I left one of my own coins, an activated Compass Rose coin TB too (thanks Glenn721) and a Red Jeep TB also. I put the cache back and then I wander around a little bit to look at the building a little more and check out the creek. Yes, the dogs were with me but they had to stay in the truck, those Aussies and Border Collies love nothing better than some cattle to herd and they were going nuts in the back of the truck too.




THANK YOU GEOCOIN FAIRY! What a wonderful and exciting little journey I got to take today. Thanks for all the smiles you put on people's faces! This will go beside my other mystery coins B) And here is one final picture, my parting shot as I headed to do a little cache maintenance and grab another cache on my way back. I'll log my finds tonight but gotta meet my mom in town for supper. YEEHAWWWW!


~tsun in Big Sky Country!



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My youngest doesn't think it's fair - he's never found a cow when he went out caching. LOL. I did tell him you didn't get to keep it but you did get a TGF coin. He thinks you deserve the coin since you don't get to keep the cow. CONGRATULATIONS

Thanks all.


Lucky, how funny! Tell your son, that if you ever make it out to Montana, I'll take him to alot of caches where he can see all the cattle (cows) he could ever want to see. I think we could even help him find some deer, mountain goats, antelope and if we're real lucky, some elk visible through binocs (this would knock his little socks off). Wish I had a 'cache cow' coin, I'd send it to him :cool:


~tsun :cool:

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Lions, tigers and ..... cows. Oh my!

Good to see that the little "person" is still getting around.

I show my GCF coin to people at events and they all want one. I even altered a picture of the coin to include the person of "honor". Fatman did not really appreciate it very much, but everyone else did.


Just enjoy and bask in the glow!


Of the coin. :cool:

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After 3 hours of rowing, I woke up at 1 pm today ~ went to bed at 10 pm last night ~ only got 14 hours of sleep! :cool: My shoulders are burning today though! :cool:


WHAT DOES 14 HOURS OF SLEEP FEEL LIKE? My sweet darlings would never let me sleep that long. They would have to wake me up just to tell me something stupid ----I MEAN IMPORTANT. Just think of all the calories you burned.

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