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How close do you live to *your* closest cache?


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Less then 0.1 miles. We placed a series of caches called 'Deep Woods' along a bike trail that runs through an oak and pine forest right behind our house. Bad news is that in about 5 years the trail will be gone and there will be houses there !! For now we are enjoying it. We have 10 caches hidden within a mile of our house and can check them all on about a 1 hr bike ride.

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My pirate-themed cache is only about 50 ft. from my front doorway. It's under an arbor on the edge of our large garden. Cachers have no fear of being seen, though, as there is a large boxwood hedge they usually duck behind. The fun part...I have 3 big dogs that love to run out and greet everyone! It's funny to hear folks trying to shush them up while logging the find!

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About half a mile - I set up a series of caches to encourage out of town visitors - that's pulled in about 50 peeps in two months to an out of the way village in East Sussex. It won't change our rural economy but does mean places of local interest get better known.

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the 2 closest ones I have are .9 north of my house, and 1.0 south of my house with another about 1.1 south.


The south ones are in a smallish, well known park that gets a good amount of traffic, but high muggle content.

The north one is on a tiny nature trail that has an awesome view of a lake.

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