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Feature Request: No E-mails!


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Well if it's my cache, I want e-mails on it, I just don't want my logs e-mailed to me.

Just filter out everything with [LOG] Owner: icefall5 in the subject line.


That wouldn't work, because then I wouldn't receive logs for my cache.


I assume you are responding to Prime Suspect...


By adding "icefall5" after the "Owner:" it will only delete logs made by you. Anyone else logging your caches will create an email with "[LOG] Owner: JoeCacher found/could not find/posted a note...."

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Okay this works better for Gmail:


"[LOG] Owner: Tharagleb" -"Re: [LOG]"


This *does* show me replies to my posts to other caches, but not my logs on my own caches.

Better is to filter email that's from noreply@geocaching.com AND [LOG] Owner: Tharagleb


The "Re:" is a added by the individual's email client, and they don't all work the same. Some may use RE: or Re-, or something else, or nothing at all.

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