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United Kingdom Counties when?


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I think a counties option or a countries option would be fantastic. I have recently started using GSAK and currently generate 28 pocket queries to download the info for the UK. I would prefer to be able to select the counties neatest me and only download the info that i actualy need. I know I am not the only one who downloads all of the UK regulary. By splitting us into counties or countries you may slove you PQ generated overloads at the same time

Try filtering based on your home coordiates.

Doesnt work in whole of the UK as it is an island with large estuaries, rivers etc to cross and is not a neat shape.

Some of the nearest caches to Liverpool for example are in the isle of man, ireland and the lake district all quite a distance away.

The coast of cornwall is very close to the welsh coast but its a 4 hour drive away.

Caches on the isles of scilly, isle of white are close but again fairly inaccesible.

We are also quite close to france if you LOOK at a map.


Here in the NY City area we have the same problem you have in Liverpool. Some of the "nearest caches" (maybe 10 miles away as the crow flies) are really up to an hour's drive away because they are in places like New Jersey and Long Island where you not only have to drive around waterways rather than go in a straight line, but have to deal with paying for toll bridges and the fact that the traffic often rivals that of Los Angeles.


I can't say as a Yank that I know this with certainty, but my first job out of grad school about 15 or so years ago involved liasoning with our UK office on a mass-mailing project and I was surprised to learn that what we call "counties" are for them what we call "states". Yes the physical area is more the size of our "counties" but administratively, they are more like our "states" (and often population-wise too given the higher pop density there; for example, London and all its inner suburbs is a "county" that population-wise would be somewhere a little past 10th in the population ranking of our states). For example, mailing addresses almost always included the county (at least they did then, I did this project for about 5 years) and often even had sometimes funny abbreviations for mailing, like "Hants" for Hampshire county.


So for British cachers, finding say newest caches in a given county is like our option of finding new caches in a given state like Maine or Virginia. So I hope they get this feature!

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