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Google Earth Readings


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I struggled with this same problem..


I don't have an easy answer, but this is what I do....


I save a waypoint in GE as a KML and the coords will be listed in DegDecimal if you edit the kml with notepad...


Then I convert it back to GPS coords at the following link....


GPS Coord Converter


or convert coords from your GPSr into Deg Decimal, then edit a .loc or .gpx file and paste in your coords and open it up in GE...


I'm sure there is an easier way, this is just how I work around it...

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You can save the .loc or .gpx file for any given cache without paying, then just open up Google earth, goto file- open- then pick (gpx,loc) from the file type box, and browse to the file that you saved, and it will plop the cache location on your map and zoom to it.


well the only thing i do is print out the cache page and use my GPSr and i really don't use the google earth but some of the hides i have look for i could use the google earth to help. i guess it's just to hard unless you pay thats the only way i have seen where i can change it.

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I am having trouble converting from my GPS reading to google earth, too. I am new to the whole GPS thing and figure out what the numbers mean. For example, I have a waypoint on my GPS and the numbers I get are:


N 45*27'29.4



I can't figure out where to input this number into Google Earth so that it will take me to that place.


When I go to the setup screen on my GPS, it tells me....


Position Format: H D*M'S.S"

Map Datum: WGS 84


I don't know what that all means, really. Are the coordinates that I have is a format that you geocachers would recognize? Am I ready to publish my first cache?




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