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Geocaching Bags?

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Does anyone have a "geocaching bag" ? LOL, I started one without thinking about it. It is a messanger bag that has a folder with all the printed out geocaches (both found and want to find) and we keep 2 pens in there, a flash light, our bag of goodies to swap or leave in a cache, our GPS unit, Spare batteries, and "G" ("G" is a small glass cardinal that was our first find, and we had to keep her, so she is now in EVERY picture we take of us finding caches :ph34r: )


ANWAYS, I was wondering if anyone else carries a "GEOBAG"?

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At least 8 out of 10 cachers I know use a bag if the cache is more than 100 feet from the parking spot. :ph34r:

Mine always has at least 2 pens and sometimes a short pencil to give away if needed in the cache.

I have a small case of paper and magnetic buisines cards. I also have some postcards I leave in some caches. I usually have a flashlight and extra batteries. I also cary a combo binocular/digital camera and a onetime use film camera.

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I like to use a hip pack, that has two water bottle pockets, and holds all of the stuff necessary to find caches. One of the features that I especially like is the inside pocket key ring. The bottle holders also make a nice temporary pocket for my GPS while signing the log. I've gotten into the habit of carrying this hip pack with me almost every time I leave the house. My wife has nicknamed it the "ManPurse" :ph34r:

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I keep a few Homies cuz i like to place Homies in caches along with other stuff i have taken or traided, 1 micro cache container with a log just incase i find a good place to put a micro, and some AA batterys a pen and a wooden nickel. all in a zip lock bag that i keep in the glove box.


the first traid item i got was a yellow lizard and he is on top of my T.V. along with all my Geocoins and a mini trafic cone that some one left in my cache call Reseda Pepper Tree Cache (i thought it was cool so i took it and placed a Homie). what i think i need to start carring is Gloves i hate having to stick my hands in places that are full of spiders.


but to keep to the Thread, YES i keep a Caching Bag full of stuff i need to have with me for caching. :ph34r:

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I have a shoulder bag that was swag at some lame conference that my wife went to. Bug wipes, the PDA, extra batteries, a flashlight, more bug wipes (it's Florida after all) and trade items, including but not limited to a glow-in-the-dark alien.


I grab that badboy and go!

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I have a great geo-bag! its a new camelback i got for my birthday :anitongue: . solves the problem of carrying water. i keep pens, maps, printed out cache sheets(about 50 or so)that i want to find, batteries, first aid kit, rain poncho, manual compass, trade items, etc.........

my bag usually stays in my car so whenever im near one i can grab it

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I picked up a great Title Nine bag that became my Geocache stash. It's perfect because it holds a bottle of water on the side and has two pouches under the front flap that fit the 60csx and my cell phone perfectly - they each get their own pouch. Then the inside is roomy for wallet and gloves, batteries, swag, small flash light, pens, zip lock bags, etc. And there's a zipper section in front for whatever and another outside pouch that a folded 8.5 x 11 piece of paper will fit in - if you printed out cache info.

I couldn't be happier!



Dimensions: 10"x81/4"x3 1/4".

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I use a Cabela's gear bag (pictured below) that I got free when I ordered something a few years back for my Geobag. This bag works great with several pockets I can store swag, small can of bug spray, basic first aid kit, pens/pencils, PDA, etc. It also has a mesh, zippered pocket on top that works well to hold the GPSr for storage or when I'm not close enough to hold it in my hand. I keep this bag close at hand and does not take any additional work when the caching bug bites! Grab and go




If there is a significant hike involved I'll unload some necessities into my Camelback backpack.

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We always take a normal rucksack with us which is just for Geocaching.

Inside are all important things we need.


Different special Equipment we had to use at earlier caches or we think we can need in the future.

Mag 3D


prepared micro (as first aid or if we find a place to hide)

Palm for paperless caching

some of the newest print outs with new caches in the area


of cause Nepi, the leader of the gang

some drinks and food

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Hello from the UK! Thought I'd add to the bag idea with a bit more - originally posted this on the UK forum. You don't just need a bag, there's lots of other things besides! My rucksack (somewhat hidden here) is a laptop rucksack - comes with lots of useful pockets inside and out!

You'll notice that I carry most of the stuff and the wife appears to be just decorative.....


Chris (1/2 of The Blorenges)


PS The photo was taken on St Agnes in the Isle of Scilly with a large friendly lump of granite!



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I use a ozark trail day pack with a nice light wieght inner frame (great if you have a bad back) picked up a outdoor sports daay pack for my daughter who is as big into caching as i am carry your standerd fair walking stick first aid kit bug spray (non arasol) water bottles poncho's mag lites manual compass trade items note pad extra pens and penicles and a few other items like zip locks for personal items and camra so that if i get wet they don't


i was a avide backpacker for a number of years i feel you can never be over prepared so i don't leave home with out it

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