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Virginia state coin

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The Virginia coins are expected to ship on August 24 and should be in my hands by the 31st.

The cost will be $6.50 per coin with shipping and fees included.

International orders are $7.00 per coin

Coins are 42mm polished gold finish.

They are trackable with a custom icon and have an additional space for personal engraving.

There are 1000 being produced and 500 are still available.

Please post your request here and I will send you payment information. If you have requested coins already you can confirm here or check the list at the bottom. I will be sending payment information out soon.

Thanks for all the support of the Virginia group that helped put this together.





This is a list of those who have requested coins on the first thread

kealia 1

ajayhawkfan 1

rufnredy 2

RebelJedi 3

Go JayBee 3

Maingray 2

Ryder3 & Better Half

Parrolet 2



AuntieNae 3

The Dream Cachers 3

The Fun Group 1

jenbut 1

Big JohnP 3

GrizzFlyer 3

Chumpo 2

DLiming 2

ScottWT 3

big rick 2

SharpShin' 2

Marky 1

ATMouse 2

fishingfools 1

horsegeeks 2

HiDude_98 2

deepseadivers 5

cazray and Mrs.caz 2

Team LightningBugs 2

AtlantaGal 4

Team Sand Dollar 2

elmosmelmo 3

The Walkabouts 5

Tennessee Jed 2

The Dillon Gang 3

9Key 2

tokencollector 4

Cog&Gil 3

Donbert 3

mytfine65&geogal 3

Ferreter5 2

FlyinV 2

escapethematrix 2

macatac1961 1


mertat 2

graylling 2

mvs "Team Pooh" 2

TeamRJJO 5

LoriDarlin 10

Old Bass Cacher 3

3doxies 3

BigG & Ogre 1

Peppermill 6-Pack 1

Iceburger 3

Lazer 3

Golfin'Fool and Me too! 2

Buzz Lightyear I 2

Slammer180 1

koikeeper 2

ncfinn 3

kelly@9 3

VAtechnoteacher 6

Redwing_dave 1

chrisgun 1

SirGerald 1

4xmonty 3

Deweyz 2

Team GetOffCouch 10

Monkeybrad 2

bluegillfisherman 1

Terrible Ts 2

rockitbiker 2

Computer_Hiker 2

Tank Hounds 2

Patudles 2

Laval K-9 1

southbayday 5

Team Firefox 1

Skyhawk9SP 2

cainrcc 3

DresselDragons 1

Not So Lost Puppies 4

rufnredy 2

3doxies 3

GrizzFlyer 4

The Moop Along 1

oldnavy59 2

Turtletoes/Biggie 1

Jan and the Percey Boys 2

Susanne&Marc 2

tomturtle 1vacoinfinal.jpg

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Glad to see so many HR Geocachers FINALLY show up! LOL!! :unsure:


I think maybe the price is the reason. I wish some coin creators would see the response to this coin and follow the lead shown here. There is still interest and demand for coins that people can afford (heck, I am even getting two which I normally don't do). I applaude the creator of this coin and hope others follow suit! :shocked:

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I have sent payment information out to everyone who has posted. Several bounced so if you did not get an e mail from me let me know. I have reserved the coins people have requested and hope to have the coins in hand and ready to ship by the end of the month.

Thanks for the nice comments and orders. There are about 250 coins still available

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