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Slot Car Tracks

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Slot car racing was most popular in the 60's, but died down almost to the point of extinction. Recently more, and more commercial tracks have been opening. Slot car racing consists of a controller, slotted track, and a car with two contact points along a swiveling blade. The car is usually a scale model of real-life cars. Many 'home' sets can be found for sale online.


Whenever we travel we used to try and lookup and find some slot car track, since there isn't one near here anymore. Eventually we just gave up on trying, since there isn't a very good listing, and they are hard to find. Having a Waymarking category may help those travelling, or some people might find one near them that they didn't know about before. If I could get some feedback and suggestions it would be appreciated. If there is some interest in helping me out I'll start up a group. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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