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New Group Modern Olympic Events

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Here's my initial thoughs on the category


The Olympic Games, or Olympics, are an international multi-sport event taking place every four years and comprising summer and winter games. The Modern Olympic Games began in 1896.


The Summer Olympics (Games of the Olympiad) have been held every fourth year starting in 1896, except in 1916, 1940, and 1944 due to the World Wars.

The Olympic Winter Games, was first held in 1924. The first winter Olympics competitions were originally held as a non-Olympic sports festival, but were declared to be official Games by the International Olympic Committee in 1925. Originally these were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics, but from 1994 on the Winter Games and the Summer Games have been held two years apart. (Wikipedia)


Each city that has hosted the Olympics has constructed venues or used existing facilities to host the various events. After the Games have ended, these facilities remain. What has become of them?


The International Olympic Committee maintains a website providing the cities where each of the summer and winter Olympic Games have been hosted.


To be listed a site must:

• Have been used in an official or demonstration sport during one of the Olympics


Each listing should include:

• Summer or Winter

• Year(s) used in the Olympics

• Sport(s) held at location

• Web links to any history

• Reference supporting Olympic Use

• Current Use

• Parking

• Photograph

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but how are you to know what was used as a venue? i know of several locations in my area (ATL 1996), but what about the others--these 'games' were spread all over the state. is there a database with such information? if not, how are you to prove it was used?

That would be one of the requirements for listing a site, the reference they used to determine it was an olympic venue.


One of the options will be personal knowledge. That will be a clue for people logging the location to take it as suspect or provide the needed reference.

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I would add something about that the event either started or ended at the location for events such as the marathon which cover 26 + miles of streets. Waymarking somewhere along the route would not make much sense to me.


Now I have to do some research to find out where the tug-of-war was conducted in the 1904 Olympics (yes it was an event during that games)

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