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Team Sand Dollar V2 (Trade Only) Proof

Team Sand Dollar
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Here is the Proof for the Black Nickel coin. THe coins is also being done in Antique Silver and Antique Copper.




This coin will be numbered but not trackable and is intended for trade only. There are plenty of coins out there that I still need so making trades for this coin should not be much of a problem. I will be updating my wish list to reflect my current needs.


Generally I collect 2 of each coin design. One for myself (Team Sand Dollar) and one for my dad (Buffalo Wings). We generally do not keep multiple metals of the same coin. One other exception is that only my dad collects the more generic coins (coin clubs, AT, Cilil War and such). Additionally I generally will not accept more than 2 of any personal since I will trade them away although I will never sell them.

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I have been asked about an LE coin and the simple answer is that there is no LE coin.


At the present time I am having 300 coins made. 100 in each of three metals, Black Nickel, Ant Silver, Ant Copper.


If I run out and need more coins before the end of 2006 I would have additional coins made in a different metal. (Maybe a Golden Sand Dollar)


Thanks for your interest

Team Sand Dollar

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Man! Those turned out really awesome!! :blink:


I've got to go through my collection and see if I can find something to improve on my previous offer to entice you with, so I can get the whole set.


I'll contact you by email sometime in the next couple of days! ;)


D-man :P


edit: :ph34r:;):P My wife loves sand dollars. I showed her the pics above and she's ordered me to find something you "WILL" want.

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Gee, that's kind of pretty. One of the holes should go all the way through so you could wear that on chain around your neck, it's so nice. :D


All of the holes are suppose to go through. If not they will have to redo it.


So for jewelry I will need to make a shiny GOLD one.


Team Sand Dollar


The main "slot" over 2006, If it was near the top instead of bottom (over 2006), wearing them would be much easier LOL , Guess too late to have it switched around and flip the slot to the top.. :o

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The main "slot" over 2006, If it was near the top instead of bottom (over 2006), wearing them would be much easier LOL , Guess too late to have it switched around and flip the slot to the top.. :D


But then it wouldn't be right.


I figure it you had to wear it you could have the chain come into one of the top holes and out the other.


Team Sand Dollar

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There here :D:D:D:D


Ran by Rusty's today to grab a few coins and just had to get a pic of these together. Kind of makes the TSD V2 look small.




I will be posting better pics tonight and plan to have all trades in the mail by Tuesday since Monday is a Holiday.


Any one who did not trade for all three but wants to change selection just email me.


As for numbering

1-100 Antique Silver

101-200 Antique Copper

201-300 Black Nickel

301-400 :D Just Kiding but if I do it will be gold. I guess I will be hearing from Team360 B)


Team Sand Dollar

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