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Shrops 2006 and Geocaching - On BBC Radio

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Hi Folks,

Just to let you know, BBC Radio Shropshire have invited us to participate in a program about GPS and satnav specifically relating to Geocaching. Somehow, they have caught wind of the upcoming event (and it wasn't us that told them either <_< ) and would like us to speak about it and Geocaching generally, tomorrow morning (15th August) on the 'Colin Young' programme between 10 and 1pm


edited to show the correct show courtesy of gadget


Martin & Lynn

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Good Luck Lynn and Martin on the show.


Maddie's the best navigator of the three of them. She can navigate unerringly without even looking at a GPSr!


I know because I was once deep in a thick forest in Darkest Deeside with Maddie and we jointly decided that it was time to go home after a very long and tiring walk. I really couldn't be arsed to do the navigation calcs to work out what was the compass bearing of the best and quickest way home, so I asked Maddie verbally. I encouraged her by asking her to "go get the pheasant" which was one of her home games as the pheasant lived at the bottom of 'her' garden". She immediately pointed with her nose in a very specific direction and led the way home by the shortest and cleverest route.


The bitch was right, dammit!


Martin (of Team Maddie) is the third best navigator I know, but I think he'll do a much better job on the radio than either of the other two. He's even got a VHF transmitting licence and stuff!! He can do radio, him.


Go fer it, Martin!!

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You'll be able to listen to it live with Realplayer using the following link :-




If you want the live recording saved to disk then software like NetTransport (http://www.xi-soft.com/default.htm) can be used.


As to editing RealAudio files, I've not got that far....


Thanks for that. I do have an alternative package for recording it though. It's already tested <_<


Thanks again,


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Missed it - anyone got a copy on line?


Edited to say I have realized that Shropshire have the listen again facility on the Colin Young Show so when it is over, or perhaps tomorrow, we can listen that way. Has anyone timed how far into the show Martin's bit came on. Listening just now I heard some of the follow up inviting us to seek the Grail and emails are pouring in.

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Thanks all of you for your generous comments. An edited transcript is now completed and hopefully will be uploaded soon. Meanwhile here is a copy of an e-mail received this afternoon from the radio show presenter, Colin Young...


Hello all,


Thanks for joining us on the show, it was great. So good to hear of something new ( to me and many others ) and it certainly caused alot of interest. Please feel free, as an individual or any other fellow "cachers", to use me as a conduit for information which you think may help others new to the sport.


I am very happy to keep promoting the sport through my show which will, by the way, revert to 12-2 pm after this holiday fortnight period.


Thanks again



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Very many thanks for that - it seems I was wrong and Radio Shropshire do not allow listening to past issues of the Colin Young show though they do others. :anicute:

Having listened to Martin's contribution I thought it was brilliant and, if I was not already going to the Shrops event, I would be now, if only to see how many were attracted by the broadcast. Well done! :unsure:

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Hey Martin.

Great publicity, and didn't he get excited?! It really is infectious, and although I am very new to gc, all the people I have told about it have become interested too.


I wish there were more people in my area though, because I seem to be the only one at present. I might try and get the local paper to do an article on it and see if I can generate some local interest!


Looking forward to meeting lots of you at the Search for the Grail in September


Well done martin!

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I got a very pleasant email from the chap too.


Thanks also to whoever it was who took the trouble to make the edited MP3 version of the prog.


All in all, an excellent piece of work and a credit to evreyone involved. I'm sure there'll have been listeners to the show who will find their way to the GC.com websiye and will get into caching and I also quite sure that Colin Young himself eill find a way to come along to the Shrop gig or perhaps borrow a GPSr and have a go at some of the local caches around Shrewsbury.

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Colin did a great job of publicising our 'pursuit' and it was nice to see that a couple of you actually responded to him and thanked him for that. It's a shame that, aside from regular listeners to BBC Shropshire, only 'the converted got to listen in but, having said that, they always say that any good publicity is welcome.

Hopefully, we may see a few new cachers in this area at least.


Thanks again,


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