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Ok My wife and i are going to do most of our Geocaching together but we signed up under seperate names.so now we have to log into each cache page and make two log entries to get credit for them So should we keep our seperate accounts and use them when we are by ourselves or when like she is out with the girls geocaching and create a joint account for when we do it together ?? i have no idea how that would work so please if you have sound advice we are listening..Thank you Idaho_Clovisman and Winterhawker

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Its totally up to you. My wife and I found it easier to have separate accounts even though we usually geocache together. I often hide and sometimes search for caches without her and she sometimes searches and hides caches without me. It made logging finds on eacher other's caches possible (without the stigma attached to having found it logs for your own cache).


Having several accounts (individual and team) could present some problems though if you become a premium member. For instance if you only want to pay for premium membership for one account, if you decide to run pocket queries and select caches you haven't found, it will not know what about your finds under the other accounts. Also, its harder to log finds on members only caches.


Every situation is different, so its best to do what is best for you.

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We started out as one account, but I wish we had been separate to begin with. My boys had been hounding me for their own accounts and they want to keep track of their finds separately (since I have a few I've done alone or with their dad, and the older boy comes out with me more often then the younger.) We just recently set up accounts for each of them, now we're trying to backlog all their previous finds. It's a pain in the butt, but hopefully we'll be done soon.


(One thing we did before starting the backlogging was post to our local forums to let the area hiders to expect a lot of dated logs to be coming in while we went through the process.) One of the problems with splitting later is not being able to log all previous finds if some of them were not only archived but locked. My boys won't get credit for about 8 finds each had because of this. (I of course haven't told them that, as what they don't know won't hurt them.)

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