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Are you a mugglephobic

James Lobb

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I made a "here is what geocaching is blurb" that I print out in a space that is just right to put in my billfold. When I run into an adult that wonders what I'm up to I tell them and give them a copy. That is especially a good idea if you tend to get questioned by the police. :)


I definitely don't tell youngsters what I am doing while I am doing it, unless they are with an adult.

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Like most things, it's a judgement call.


I have said "Excuse me, miss" and reached under a bench where a woman was seated in front of a WalMart to get one.


I got one off of a newspaper box in front of a store window while an employee hung a sign inside the window - literally inches away seperated only by a sheet of glass and she never noticed what I was doing!


I got one off of a telephone booth while a man was on the phone and he never had a clue what I was doing!


I have met hikers and hunters in the woods, told them about the game and invited them to hunt the cache with me.


I've had cops inquire about my activities, most go on their way after an explanation but I have had a few join the hunt.


I parked in a Fire Station lot, asked permission to park there while I hunted the cache, the Fire Chief and a paramedic went on the hour-long hunt with me, learned to use my GPS and both soon became regular geocachers.


There is one micro at our state capitol where the vagrants (they may be legislators, hard to tell) have seen it found so often they'll offer to show it to geocachers that come looking!


By the same token I have skipped caches where a group of teens was skateboarding close by; probably great kids but why tempt trouble?


In public areas I try my best to be stealthy, as mentioned it is great fun to snag the cache unseen when folks are all about, but I often travel, and rarely go back where I have been, so I will chance revealing the cache rather than having a DNF unless there appears to be real danger to the cache.


I have always acted as a self-appointed Ambassador of geocaching, spreading the word, hosting events, tour-guiding new cachers, and to my knowledge no cache has ever been muggled after such a visit.



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