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KML For Benchmarks

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As far as I know,no one has built it.

I am working on my own KMZ and KML.


You can open loc files in GE,but all the data is not there.

I(you) have to add it.


I am sure the computer wizards can tell you more but I am not one of em.

I have a post about them on a Wheeler-Davidson KMZ.

KMZ allow you to add photos as well as links and it saves them.

KML will only allow limited info into the GPS.


The next thing is figuring out how to link to your KMZ or KML.

You have to personally send it to someone and it automatically opens or saves(your preference)with GE or to disc.

I do not have a host server or figured that part out yet.

I thought I had but it appears I did not.


Another great tool.

You can also build in GPS Trackmaker with waypoints,azimuths and bearing and then open that file in GE.


The trackmaker is in the left olumb as a down load,it is awesome with the GE capabilities now.

You can also open loc files in GPS Trackmaker.


Once you have them in GE save to my places and then you can edit it after clicking on advanced setting.

A little HTML goes a long way.

< br > < img ></ br > </ img >


I have done some other converting but it is not easy to splain it right now.

As soon as I can I will.

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I like using the KML file which allows display of geocaches in Google Earth. Can anyone guide me to one that will display BM's?



If you just want the benchmark shown on Google Earth with a hot link to the Geocaching benchmark page, the easiest way is to download the county from the NGS & run it through BMGPX. Drag and drop that file on Google Earth. If you want the benchmark designation shown then export the file from GSAK and it will show the designation with the hot link to the Geocaching benchmark page.


Hope this helps,



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I'm on the learning curve! Based on the feedback, I've now figured out how to open .loc files in GE. I've also downloaded GPS Trackmaker as well as the North America map.


I've experimented converting files but now am not sure about the differences. I've converted LOC waypoint files to GPX, KML, and whatever the file type was that I needed to see the waypoints in Mapsource. I have Easy GPS, GSAK, and now GPS Track maker.


My head is spinning and I am a little nauseated. (just kidding, its the tequila).


From a practical perspective, how do I best use these tools and the file types?


Rockhounders, what is BMGPX? I did get the NGS file for Johnson County, Kansas and would love to get it into file for use in the above mentioned programs, esp. GE.


And since I am fortunate to have the help, is there a way to sort out the older BM's from those more recent? Can you tell by the PID? My county file or Geocache searches a littered with BM's set along the interstate system and these are of little interest to me and probably fairly dangerous to locate.


Thanks for the help Trailblazer and Rockhounds.


I found my first BM this week and as of yesterday, made it four for the week.

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OK, Ok. I found BMGPX and downloaded it. Took a bit of head scratching to find out how to run it. The results were impressive when I opened the resulting file in GE. What fun!

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If you take the file that BMGPX spit out and open it in GSAK you can sort by date placed among other ways. Klemmer & TeddyBear Mama put together a macro for GSAK that checks for when the first recoveries were done to make sure some of those that were placed 1/1/2006 were in fact placed then. (If the monument date is Unknown then the placed dated is a current date.)


Have fun,



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