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Need Tips on Removing Burrs!

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I have about 4 items of clothing that are plastered with tiny, tiny little green burrs.. It would be hours maybe even days to pick them all out. I tried a lint roller, but that didn't work... now I am waiting to see if they dry now that they are off the vine and will crumble off.


Anyone have any secrets other than wear nylon, streaking or don't cache at all (cuz that is not going to happen)?

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mmm. I am drinking honey brown beer right now and not caring.. just responding to posts. The burry clothes are still in the kitchen from last week. your right the beer does work!


Drink lots of beer. This will in no way help with the burrs, but you won't care.


I have to agree. It's worked for me as well.


champagne has always worked well for me. then i go shopping.

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Duct tape, packing tape, anything like that should (might) pull them off.

Same, same. But if I am still in the woods, I just vigorously rub my hands/gloves over the "prickered" areas and it tends to knock a lot of them off. The small stickers just can't take muck friction before they lose their sticking ability.

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