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Am I being an over protective mother?

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Am I being impatient or over protective of my one and only travel bug?


My tb was dropped in a cache and taken by a cacher Aug 2nd that has still yet to log it as grabbed it/ discovered it. The only way I know he has my my tb is because he stated it in his log when finding the cache. Log as written, "Took the Aries TB because person xxx is heading out of town and he will help it on it's way. Left some animals."




My question is should I email the cacher (or his friend) who claimed to take my tb and give him a gentle reminder and/ or directions on how to log that he has found it, and has in his posession.


BTW he has been on line and logged 7 other finds since taking my TB. So he has been online to log since finding the tb.


I am a noobie so be easy :o




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This is what I think you should do.


Send them an email to both cachers


Hi, I noticed in the cache logs for Morro Rock you took my travel bug Aries the Birthday bug. Would you log it out of the cache before you place it in another? That will help keep people from thinking it's still in the Morro Rock cache. Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions.



oops, forgot to add my disappointment smilie for these cachers



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hi, being a newbie myself, I think you should email him, letting him know how to do it. When I found my travel bug last month, I didn't know exactly what to do, I wrote it in my log, then realized later what I needed to do correctly. I emailed the tb owner and let him/her know I was taking it on vacation with me and leaving it up there and I couldn't log it until I returned home. This took some time. I'd email to find out, nothing wrong with that.

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