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got a PDA now what ?

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Pluses - you can carry arround hundreds of cache sheets, and cache when the mood takes you.


First thing get Premium Membership. This will enable you to run Pocket Queries.


I run one for my nearest 500 caches weekly. Then if I am going anywhere I run one for that area.


Download to PDA


I use GpxView to read them because its simple, and you can put in your current co-ordinates and caches in order of distance,

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Just be come premium and has i thought still confused,and what about memory map is it neccessary and are there others i'm on my own with this.The PDA is Hubby's but i want it for caching!!!!!


I don't use memory map - it's certainly very useful, but it's very expensive too!!!


Basically the process I use works like this:

  • Create a pocket query for the area you're interested in. Try starting with your home coordinates and a 30 mile radius, perhaps. Go to this page, create a new query, and it'll be emailed to your email address as a 'GPX' file - possibly compressed into a ZIP file.
  • Extract the GPX file and copy it to your pda. I copy all mine into a folder called 'caching' on a compact-flash card.
  • Install GPXSonar or GPXView onto your pda. This will allow you to read the GPX file and list all the caches in the area covered by the pockect query.
  • er... that's it

But people do it in lots of different ways - that's just the way I've found the simplest and easiest.



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Cachemate for the PPC is by far the best tool, this conclusion is after trying all the above mentioned PPC Caching tools. Because it uses a real SQL Database, and does not just read the native GPX file, it allows for quicker searches etc.


Really? That's extremely handy to know. I've always wondered how people carry around huuuge databases on their pdas. :laughing:

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