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The pictures that some finders post in their logs.....


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Incredible photos. :lol:


Here's some taken at ours


@ Log it! [Fonte da Telha]






@ Let's Play! [Lisboa]




@ Toledo Spot




@ The Guns of Navarone [Trafaria]






@ Dress Code [Lisboa]




(play mobil was caught inside the park and had to be "rescued" by the firemen :huh:)


Luckly, there's plenty more. :huh:


Above everything, thanks to all that visited our caches!

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Oh, how can I NOT play??


Oak Mountain State Park



Really strange looking dog (kidding, of course)



Errr... :(



Pony Bottle Terrarium found during a CITO



At Mount Cheaha State Park



You will have NO fun whatsoever here!



Montauk Lighthouse, as seen from a nearby cache



Wanna see my...



Pretty Long Island flowers



Okay, I gotta stop... I could keep this up all day!

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First you have to understand that this group of Cachers in North Central PA are a great crowd. They are the best bunch of cut-ups you have ever seen. We are continually trying to blind each other, with tears, from laughing at the pictures we post. This theme started out with thongs,- somehow, - but it has graduated to giant underbritches. You never know when one of these crazy people will post a picture that will have you laughing all day.


This is just one of the silly pictures that has had people laughing all day, and some others wondering just what we do. :P Anyhow try not to laugh too hard.


The caption should read:


They kinda match my top but I don't know if they are legal for hunting.



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The first 2 pictures show the obstacle between 2 stages of a multi. There is also a cache on the bridge itself.




The last picture is at a virtual cache of mine, the crosses are to commemorate children that have died as a result of violence. A very moving memorial.


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Don't have much to share...


Off I5, in a wildlife viewing area. Great Blue Heron within a few feet of the cache.




An unusual garden in Locke, California. Not exactly close to the cache, but Locke is small.




Wish I could hide a cache in the miniature outhouse, but it's private property, and besides I don't live near there.

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was going to go find this one this summer but when we decided that the next day we were going, the boat short circated and lit on fire! I was in town when I came back to my cabin and saw firemen and police men all over our property in clearwater bay! I loved that boat and was practically new! It had great sentimental value, luckily the boat was insured.


This was my log on another cache. Just still cant believe what happened to use this summer. just shedding some tears!



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