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National Parks of the World (New Group)

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I've created a new group National Parks of the World. This is based on a question posed by onehealthy1 (I'll cede leadership to onehealthy1 if requested)


Based on initial disscussions giving support for this idea it will include the following features in the national park as a type parameter

  • Entrance
  • Visitor Center
  • Exhibit/Educational Display

We will also need to have entrance/user fees in local currency

Photo of the location


Because there is already a US National Parks category, this one should unfortunatley exclude US National Parks, but I'm inclined to include them anyway.


This will be a large category so I am requesting additional suggested parameters and suggestions.


Oh and by the way, it needs officers

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how is this 'non-USD' variable to work?


what about a link to the 'parks website'?


i would venture that US Parks would be excluded, since they have their own category--but then again, the could be included if other nations are to get their own group as well. how many other countries have a substantial # of parks--as with the vast number of parks in america?


what about the different classifications of marks? (ie: National Park, National Recreation Area, National Historical Site, etc......{or whatever the classifications are})


a variable for different activities available--hiking, boating, guided tours, offroad vehicles, camping (campground and remote backcountry)?

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