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Electric Compass


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how helpful is an electronic compass


is it worth the extra money


You'll get varied answers to this question. Some will say it's a total waste of money. Some will say they love it and use it all the time. Some will say they have it but never use it.


Personally, I use it all the time. With the electronic compass my arrow still points at the cache location even when I'm standing still. Without it the arrow points in a random direction when you stop moving.


Whether or not it's worth the extra money depends on what you want and what you can afford.

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After having a GPSr both with and without an electronic compass, I can say that I would not want to do without again. Its nice to know which direction you are heading without having to be moving all of the time. But thats just my opinion..... :P


I've had a gps without and a gps with... my garmin 60csx has an electronic compass, and I find it useful and helpful...if I stand still for a minute or two it will point to the cache...very helpful if you dont wanna walk in circles when your in the woods...hope that helps

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I likewise have a 60csx. I looked long and hard before I bought it if I wanted the electronic compass. I decided to go with it.

ice then I haven't used it very often. The 6ocsx is so sensative with the satelites all you have to do is take a step (or two on a bad day) and it will re-align and show your direction.


I currently have my compass so only come on when I tell it too. I havfe used it a few times, while out hiking in the woods, but I always carry a backup compass as well. I only trust electronics so far.


One thing i'll pass on to people with a electronic compass. On models like the 60csx you can set the compass to turn on after being below a certain speed for a certain amount of time. I originally had mine set to turn on when under 1mph for 5 seconds or something like that. What I found is the compass would turn on and I would rotate my body to point the compass and it would lock up. What was actually happening was when I would rotate my body I was actually changin the position of the gps, and it was sensing that as movement over 1mph and it was switching the compass off. So I had to change it to automatically turn on when under 10mph for 5 seconds. I also overide the compass most of the time(page button)


I hope that makes sense.



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