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ISQs-The search for silver

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Well I sent this email to the owner of the cache and a copy of it to Lead Dog and BGF since they both knew how hard we've been working to find one of these coins. And Lead Dog told me I should post it here for all of our Indiana cacher friends to read.


Dear Shadow,

Well I have one question, have you been having fun this weekend...I just want to know if this escapade was on purpose or just a complete string of luck in your favor. As you know, three mad dashes in four days for ISQs that were steadily getting farther and farther away from our home coords...we were FTF on all of them, but no Shadow coin, and as we got closer to the work week I was certain that the cache was going to come up with the coin in it and we would both be in work and The Herd would beat us to it.


So today's been a crazy day, Justin's been working 2nd shift overtime from 6:30pm to 2:30am both Saturday and Sunday night..and I had to go to work today, so he was at home with both the girls and with little sleep, so I had a REALLY great day at work (which is very unusual) but my stomach was all in knots and I figured it must be because I'm so worried about Justin killing one of the kids (you know red headed tempers and all). So I get home and all is well and we have a great night, little hectic but that's pretty much the ordinary now a days. So Alexis lays down for a nap and Justin takes Emily home to her moms and I continue doing my research on the ISQs I plan on putting in hopefully this weekend (cross your fingers) and I find all this info on a woman in Indianapolis and I get onto our email account to send the info to BGF for an ISQ when I hit refresh and see an email with Mountain Climber in the title, my heart skips a beat, another ISQ! I look at the clock in the right hand corner it's 8:27pm if it's too far south there's no way we'll make it...so I scroll down and realize the email was sent at 8:26pm the cache was just approved 1 minute ago. I log into GC.com and hit the map on the page. OH MY GOD it's just over the border! OH NO it's like 5 minutes from The Herd, so I grab the phone and go to call Justin's cell phone when it starts ringing I realize Justin's cell phone is sitting on the other side of me on the computer stand..$hit! Now what, so I start plugging the coords into the GPS when Justin walks in the door sees what I'm doing and says another one got approved and I said yes and it's just over the border we can make it long before dark. He pullls up the page and notices that it's a matchstick container and suddenly I remember some comment you made about (don't rule those matchstick containers out) and I KNOW this is the one, so I run upstairs, grab Alexis and off we go towards Indiana. So we pull into the cemetery and chuckle about the fact that we always wondered why there wasn't an ISQ in this cemetery and head for the cache. Well I find it first and being that I'm slightly shorter than Justin I'm standing on my tippy toes trying to pull the cache out, when he says let me do it...well I've already got my hand on it, no way! :huh: So I get a good hold and give a good pull and POP out comes the cache and through the air sails a small silver coin :P , which flies straight at Justin, he pulls his arm into his body quickly and the coin comes to rest on his forearm...so we did the happy dance all the way to our car :P , stopped by and rubbed it in the Herds faces (but only a little) :P and then came home and now I'm writing this...SO THAT'S THE STORY of how we came to find AND ALMOST LOSE our beloved Shadow coin.


So sit back, relax, and have a good laugh on us...it's been a ride!


But now what do we have to strive for? We're a ship without a port...a captain without a crew...whatever will we do? Hmmm...how about we be the first (if only for a day) to have found ALL the ISQs...there's another unobtainable goal for us...that'll work.


Thanks again Shadow for the stories, the memories, and the coin...........and of course the numbers (cause that's what it's trully about, right Rick?) =)

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Hmmm...how about we be the first (if only for a day) to have found ALL the ISQs...there's another unobtainable goal for us...that'll work.



I had all the ISQ'S done about 2years ago (back when there were only 77) for about 1 week :huh: But then Lead Dog hid about 20 more and it's been down hill ever since :P

and good job on finding the coin. :P

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Well thanks for shooting that idea in the foot...now what? Of course 77 compared to 510 and counting is a little different...course with some being down at points when they go MIA....I think it would be pretty hard to get ALL OF THEM now...plus if you add in the ISQ-Michigan and the Canadian ISQ...that makes it even harder...of course I add those (cause we already have them :huh:

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