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To Inform or Not To Inform.....

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A quick protocol/etiquette question;

I recently picked up a TB that had a goal of returning to a cache not very far from where I live. The bug was released 3 years ago, and had several thousand miles of travel, so I thought I would "take it home". I found the target cache and dropped off the bug. I logged the cache find and the drop as soon as I got home later that day. The next morning I noticed that another cacher (not the owner)had picked up the bug shortly after we dropped it. To cacher #2's credit he said that after reading my post he would return the bug for the owner to pick up. Finally to my question; should I have sent an email to the owner or notified him/her in some way prior to our dropping that bug, or is it just the rub or the green that it was picked up before they could get to it? I really don't know how much of an issue this is to the owner, but I think if it was my bug I would like to see it again particularly if that was my original objective.

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You could have sent the owner an email that you were going to complete it's goal, but that would have been done if you enjoy chatting with fellow cachers, especially one's you've never met, but there is certainly no need to.


One way or another the bug will make it back to the cache, and the owner (who is active) will go retrieve it.



edit: activate? :huh:

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as the TB owner, Groundspeak would have sent them an e-mail with your log in it. So, you could have sent a duplicate, or any note really letting them know, but unless you e-mailed them before logging the TB, they would have been notified just as quickly by Groundspeak. Like Blue Deuce said - it's more an issue of whether or not you like chatting to people you've never met over e-mail. I do - so I send notes. But, if it was my TB, I would have been chomping at the bit when I got the "owner" log on my e-mail if I wanted to see it again.

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