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ekitt10 scores 1,000 th find


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Ekitt10 scored his 1,000th find at the oldest cache in NJ, GCC8 - gerbiL cacHe. Since neither of us are that big into numbers we did not notice this fact at the time. The celebration consisted of a lunch of some granola bars and bottled water plus soaking up the views.


Here is the master cacher himself logging the elusive "gerbiL cacHe".




So congrats on # 1,000 Nik! Onward to 1,597!!


And by the way - this cache is well worth the walk up the mountain as there are great views and other caches that can be found along the way.


(PS. MH - yes I did break my resolution to never post on the big green board again but this definately was a very worthy cause.)

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Oh Nik, Oh Nik,

Just by chance your 1000th find at the NJ oldest --- hummmm, let me think --


WOW, that's terrific! We hope you have many, many more and more than that, we hope that we'll see you out there again on some of them.


Also we'll have to be asking for help on some of your ?? caches. What can I say, we just like to get out there (but "the Man" does like a challenge every now and then) Hope to see you soon out there.

Jan and Ron

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Hey Gang, the congrats should go out to everyone in the Geocaching community.

I've found some many great caches and have discovered to so many interesting spots over the last five years thanks to your guidance. In addition to meeting so many great people and make so many friends along they way.

Plus, I also got to see a real, live dragon! :P

Thanks again!

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