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Saving Shiloh Geocoin will now have it's own custom icon!

Saving Shiloh

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Sothbayday and I have decided to make an extra 150 coins to make the saving shiloh geocoin trackable with it's own icon. they will have a shiny gold finish. any suggestions for the icon? I was thinking: have 2 drumsticks rotating in a circle one going clockwise one going counter clockwise animated, like the world traveling geocoin, if possible, any other suggestions or artwork posts are welcome!!




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Congrats on the icon! I think that is cool.


I have heard that Groundspeak will no longer allow animated icons. I had tried for one for a project, and was turned down flat! LOL


But your drum sticks crossed, like on the coin, would be neat.


it was just a thought. I didn't think they would accept it. but you can never blame a guy for trying, or we could be in darkness right now if thomas edison didn't try......

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