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Gluten Free Resturants Up For Review

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We have a new group put together, Gluten Free Resturants. Celiacs have an extremely tough time eating safely when they eat out. This is a perfect venue to record resturants that other gluten intollerent people should know about. There are a few national resturant chains that offer a gluten free menu.


Gluten is found in wheat, rye, and barley. Often oats is contaminated due to crop rotation. For those label readers, you already know just how difficult this is to get around and still be able to be one of the group when at a resturant.


Try getting a manufacturer to tell you what is in a food color and you will have touched upon how important group shared information like this is. BTW, the Yahoo group SillyYaks is highly recommended for celiacs.


Enrolement for this Waymarking group is open.

We're looking for a few good votes, new members, and those resturant waymarks.

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