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Saudi Arabia Allows Photography In Public Areas


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Figures. I spent some time there a few months ago and got yelled at for trying to take a pic; at least that's all that happened. I was near many of the government areas and palaces so I suppose those were considered even more sensitive then AND now. But I really wanted a pic of that cool skyscraper in Riyadh -- the Kingdom Tower, is it?


Hey mhfares that was a nice hide in Qatar, too - TFTC.

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A friend of mine once said in Saudi you don’t want to take pics in public, you have google earth now. I took that as a joke.


With digital cameras around, I take pictures a lot, as do many. I never had a problem before but then much of my pics are either indoor or out of the public eye in the great open outdoors .. with a society like ours that prize itself as being “private and different”, very little can be accomplished :P


You should be able to take that pic for the kingdom tower CoyoteTrust. The parking lot of Obeikan bookstore provides a nice viewing angle.

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I have been arrested by the police twice while geocaching. Both times they wanted to check all the photos in my camera and that took a lot of time. They didn't find anything problematic and let me go in the end and also let me keep all my pictures, but these incidents taught me to always download and delete the photos in my camera memory card whenever possible, so that I have a minimum number of photos in my camera if and when I get arrested. The first time I got arrested I had hundreds of photos in the camera and checking those took hours :D

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