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Garmin Etrex?

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Right now I'm using google earth for caches. NOT FUN!!!! I'm thinking about getting an etrex. Does it allow you to program points into your unit from a computer?




Yes. You need the data cable (obvisouly). You can then use software like EasyGPS (free) to load the .LOC file fropm individual caches to your unit. If you are a premium member, you can run pocket queries and use GSAK to upload multiple waypoints at one time.

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The eTrex series down allow computer connection. The base (yellow) eTrex doesn't ship with a cable in the box, but the other models in the line do. You can probaly get a new eTrex Legend for about the same price as buying a new yellow and buying the cable from Garmin. If you haven't already purchased the yellow, consider upgrading. If you have already bought it, I'd search for an alternate source for the cable to same some $$$. I think there's even a webpage somewhere explaining how to make one yourself.

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You can manually load them too...I've been doign it on my 60C for the last couple weeks because I'm too lazy to download, open a program, get thr cable out, blah, blah....


i am planning to get the etrex yellow anytime soon (this is the only unit available her in ksa). the problem is the cable which is not included in the package. still i have not tried to order anything from the inet.


i have a ipq hw6515c which is not made for rough use. hopefully, etrex will solve this problem. i just wish there is other models i can choose from.

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