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Great Garmin Customer Service/support!

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Called Garmin Tech Support, my SP2610 screen would no longer accept touch screen input. Purchased in May of '05, so out of the one year warranty. But with no asking on my part, they offered to repair the unit under warranty!! A $225 repair that they will cover, without me having to say a word!


Thats is Awesome support !!!!


I did have to hold for about 30minutes on a Friday at 7:45am PST, but I spoke to an ENGLISH speaking, Kansasonian! Worth the wait!!!


They previous replaced a battery in my 8 year old GPS II+ unit.


This is why I buy Garmin! :)



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I had misplaced (read lost) my city select 7 dvd. I emailed garmin, asking how much to buy a new replacement, but didn't have the serial number, etc. They ended up mailing me a new dvd for cs7 for free with no hassles. what a great support organization.

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I received my repaired 2610 from Garmin yesterday! They received it August 7th and I got it back, in So. Cal., on 8/15, barely a week including shipping time, so they turned it around in about 2 days! Great Job!


They copied my Waypoints over to the replacement unit, gave me a my new unlock codes and everything worked smoothly!


Thanks Garmin! :D



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