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Explorist 210 And Pocket Pc

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I recently acquired an Ipaq 3950 Pocket PC running Pocket Windows 2003. I also have an Explorist 210 which uses USB for uploads and downloads. Is there any way to sync these two together so I have the Exporist as the reciever and the Ipaq as the display unit. The Ipaq has a much higher res screen and would be a great combination for both geocaching and direct routing on the road. I know this combination isn't the best for geocaching since the Ipaq is fragile but I just want to try it out. Sorry, if this has been mentioned on these forums before. Thanks!

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does the Ipaq have USB HOST capabilities?


If not, then I suspect you are fighting an uphill battle.


USB HOST simply means that it can connect to a USB device (like a camera, or USB drive or whatever) and work just like a PC does.


This is not the same as having a (mini) USB plug whereby you can Sync with a PC/Apple.....


There is a generic set of USB host drivers available that may work with your Ipaq???


I only have a Meridian which I connect to my Toshiba via a USB-Serial adapter...it all works cool, moving map(NMEA) on OziexplorerCE, and all :sad:

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The Compaq Ipaq 3950 has a docking port on the bottom that is not a USB size but some other kind of adapter. This docking port fits into a cradle that does have USB though. While on it's cradle, there is a cord that has a USB blade on it. The docking cradle is for powering the unit and for transfers. This is how I sync with Outlook and Autosync. My Explorist can send out NEMA signals and I would think the Pocket PC could receive them I just don't know how to make the connection. I may be fighting an uphill battle but I would think this would work.

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