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Collection Of FAQs

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Collections of FAQs

Mobile app (iPhone or Android) vs. GPS





Mac OS X


Paperless Caching

Groundspeak Mobile Apps

General Terminology

  • GeoLex Prime Suspect's guide to Geo-lingo

Not sure if this belongs here yet or not, but a a starting place...

FAQs of this group

Can I use rechargeable batteries? Yes.

Can I use Mapsource on more than one GPS? Yes, but it requires an additional unlock.

Can I use Mapsource on more than one computer? Yes.

What's the difference between model X and model Y? [ refer to FAQs above ]

What software is available for sending geocaches to a GPS? Lots.

Why does my GPS reception inside my car poor? Most likely you have a tinted windshield that contains metallic particles.


Tips for asking questions

  • Pick good subject lines. The odds of you quickly catching the attention of knowledgeable help go way up when you. Subjects like "Error 403 transferring waypoints on 60C under BlerfoMAP 3.34" are much more servicable than "Newbie question".
  • Punctuate the subject correctly. Interrogative sentences (questions) end in question marks.
  • Include brand and model info when you're asking about problems. If you're using a program that runs on more than one OS, include info on that, too.
  • If you're asking advice about maps, include what country/continent you're interested in.

This is a locked thread. If you see it unlocked, that means I'm editing it. Please don't follow up here, but do feel free to discuss it in the thread for that.

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Added mobile vs. dedicated GPSr link

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