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You know you have a 'Geocaching Addiction Disorder' when you check the "newest caches in South Africa" page before you go to bed AND then discover a brand new cache that has just been approved in Somerset West, some 100 kilometres away.

Of course we didn't wait for morning but set off straight away at 01h00! Nuts, yes, but we did get a first to find of a super cache packed full of special goodies from Canada and didn't get arrested in the process either, although all the dogs in the neighbourhood were barking!

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You know you are totally additicted when you pull your more than 20kg overweight body up, with your never being storng arms, to reach a cache between two rocks, and when you turn around to jump off, you forget your fear of heights and jump with the impact of an elephant to the ground.


You know your six year old is addicted when she says, I don't care if it only a micro, we must get it, it is not about the toys! :D

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you know you're addicted to geocaching when


......you actually consider building that "large" geocache disguised as a tree trunk, which actually contains a 102 litre garbage can.


Uh,... I think I can speak for all and say Please build it! How great would that find and swag be. :lol:

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You know you're addicted to geocaching when...


... you pick up a random teddybear toy thingy and think it would make an awesome TravelBug (and actually do it)


... you email someone asking about info on caches in SA and are more worried about the caches' safety than your own personal safety! :D

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