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After solving a puzzle cache, I only updated the longitude coordinates in my GPS. The final I had was off by 1/4 mile, in a most inhospitable swamp and brier patch you'd ever want to meet. After spending 40 minutes looking, I actually decided to bushwhack back through the stickers, relocate the cache mobile and tried to approach GZ from the north. This time was a mosey swamp and couple river crossings.

This is what I had to say about it.

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My funny log is actually my cache description for Adventurers Cache. The story is entertaining now but it was one of my most painful cache adventures ever. I notice that since placing the cache, only three people have found it so the story certainly wasn't a motivator. :)


After going to read about the adventure cache I read TrailHound's log. It is pretty funny too.


February 22, 2005 by trail hound (912 found)


As I was approuching G.Z., I saw a major disturbance in the snow, at the very spot my GPS'r was pionting...I got closer and started to see tracks in the snow....BEAR... (snowed recently).Soon I spoted some rocks, dirt, sticks and AN AMMO CAN!!! OUT IN THE OPEN!!!ON TOP OF THE SNOW!!!Then I saw, in the- very spot- that the ammo can, used to be, was A SLEEPING BEAR!!!

I slowly approuched the can, as silently as I could and grabbed it (five feet from Bear!) Walked a short distance away and opened the can...Yes!!!! F.T.F was Mine!!!~Not counting the Bear~

I did the usual signing and leaving of pencils and things...All the while keeping a close eye on the ~sleeping Giant~(20 yards away)

Now what to do???I know where it is SUPPOSED to go!!!! But the space is occupied by a hibernating black bear!!!

Slowly I approuch the den.....No movement.....This is Good!!!This is very Good!!!

I very deliberatly and carefully place the ammo can , ALONG SIDE OF THE BEAR!!!Being carefull not to touch or disturb it!!! Sweating bullets, I back up and let a sigh of relief...I DID IT!!!!!

I started heading back to the parking lot....Smiling at what I imagine the Next cachers eyes are going to look like when they find ~ the cache~.....Suddenly..........................................

THE ALARM CLOCK GOES OFF.!!!! I WAS DREAMING IT ALL !!!.....That's what I get for reading TRL's story before going to bed last night!!!!


Found with-out incident, I did however see Otter tracks in the area of the cache, must have been going from one water shed to the other. May be that was the savage critter Kev encountered!!!!

Took Nothing

Left FTF Card, FTF Dog Tag, pencils and a joke!!!


You've been found....trail hound!!!!!

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Different sort of humor, but I got this one this week. Out-of-towners staying in The City decided they should go for an NJ cache, so:

When you and your wife are staying at a hotel in midtown, the difficulty of reaching this cache is 5+. We had to take a bus $4 and a ferry ride $24 to reach this cache. It was by far the most expensive cache I've hunted to date. Once we got off the ferry, we ended up walking right past the cache to get to the initial coordinates. By retracing our steps, we went right to it. We were watched by a muggle resting and enjoying the view and listening to a baseball game in Spanish. I watched him as we walked back to the ferry and he didn't seem interested in what I had been doing. Hopefully, he didn't molest the cache. TNLNSL. Thanks for the hide. PS - On the ferry ride back a terrific thunderstorm came up and we ended up being trapped on the top deck of the ferry under an awning. It was raining and blowing so hard we couldn't get down the outside stairs to the dry passenger section below. Fortunately, the rain let up as we pulled in to the 39th Street Ferry Building.
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This log by StayFloopy on Jenny Jenny made me laugh.


"I will NEVER understand Central Jersey roads. From US-1, I cut through the mall and then I went West to go East, and that turned out to be one huge jughandle. Then a numbered route I was following changed into a different number. Do people live here because they got lost and couldn't find their way out? "


Anyone that tried to navigate around Spaghetti Junction near Woodbridge knows what's going on here.

I truly believe half of the adventure to caching in central jersey is finding the correct parking. :tired:

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