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Useful Site - Geochecker

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Hello all!


I just found a useful site, www.geochecker.com . This is vary useful if you place difficult multi-caches or puzzle caches. What you do as a cache owner, you input your coordinates into the site, along with the waypoint (GCXXXX). As a cache seeker, you will try solving the cache, and then you can input the waypoint and the coordinates you have found into the site, and it will tell you if you have the correct ccordinates. I think it is useful, since some of us (onomata den leme :( ) place some very hard caches that you are not sure if you have the right coordinates in the end.


Ta leme!

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I think Geocaching should be practiced on site and not on the internet...only starts from there...

It is an adventure to train the whole body and not the finger that clicks the mouse!


And people who demand caches installed from others, should first place more caches themselves!



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I agree with you Yanni, this is not an internet pastime! But if you do all the work to find 5-10 waypoints, it's plenty of outdoors work. And it's nice to have a way to check if you've done that work correctly before following what you believe to be the right coordinates. The site I proposed just tells you if you have the right coordinates, it doesn't give them to you if you don't have them. It's a way for the cache owner to make things a bit easier for you, if s/he decides to do so. Of course a cache owner may NOT want to make things easier for you -- that's part of the game too!

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