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Unforgettable Cape Town!


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As a true Captonian, you must understand,

With my place of birth written into the Somerset Strand,


At the age of 2, right in the middle of a poo,

The economy was calling, and off to Joburg we flew!


Now it's time to return to the unforgotten motherland,

Where "God's Waiting Room" seems to be Fish Hoek beach,

And the sharks find the food quite bland!


I'll be bringing a friend with me, she's from Denmark,

To show her this lovely city, and with Eskom's help, not in the dark!


So whatever locations you may have in mind,

With local flavour & interesting twists,

Not just the typical tourist "let's go to Table-Mountain" kind.


If there are caches on the way,

This would really make my day,

And just to finish off this poem, I'll say I eat hay on a rainy day in the bay! :(


Look forward to hearing from everyone in CPT! - we'll be staying in Fish Hoek with family from the 6th - 11th Aug, and remember, I'm a student - so no "Camps Bay" suggestions! :D


Does the Cape Town Zoo do night tours, like the one here in Joburg?

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Oh team farmer

welcome to where life is calmer,

caches are hot

and the current weather is not,

caches aplenty you will find

multis, virtuals, puzzles and another kind,

If a list of good caches you need

this is tricky, as they are all fine indeed,

I will ponder upon your wish

and post a selection, a true Cape town dish,

a tradition exists, if you are able

for touring cachers to meet, at New York Bagel,

if you wish to join up for a day of caching heaven

call me on 083 445 2737

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The cell is an invaluble tool,

Without it you would be a fool

For in CT every cache you go

If you cannot find it after a minute or so

You call a friend, THAT's the RULE !!




We just like to keep connected! <_<


Thanks all for the help on the trail. :ph34r:

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Ah Fairest Cape we too hear your call,

for racing TBs run here and then start to crawl,

from the Eastern Cape we come by road,

in the hope of one TB to load,


we will be there on August 6, 7 and maybe 8,

in the hope to relax, cache and procrastinate,

please spare a thought or two,

before kidnapping all race TBs,

to take up North with you.


Boy - writing this is taking a long, long time,

for I are not so good at rhyme <_<

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Dear all, thank you for your most speedy reply,

I look forward to all your suggestions as a hot baked apple pie.

Let me know what your "must-do's" will be,

As I'm unsure how much time we'll have for geocaching, you see.


thanks for your contacts details Discombob,

I will definitly keep them close to heart,

Let me know what days you're free during the week,

so then we can both plan a chart.


For all racing bugs stuck in the cape,

who would like nothing more, but to escape,

to gangsta's paradise and it's neighbourhood,

just drop me a line and a location, and I'll do what I should.

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A big THANK YOU to all Cape Town cachers - what a lovely bunch of people! :D


Upon arriving in CPT, we had a fantastic time meeting everyone at the waterfront for drinks, where we all threw stories and ideas around (I actually felt normal in this crowd! :D ). A special thanks to Discombob - I appreciate the effort in making contact - unfortunatly there wasn't enough time for a team effort - though I look forward to making a special trip down soon! (just for geocaching! :D )


P.S. I also have to mention that caching in Cape Town, and caching in Joburg are like breathing and farting - way different! :wub:

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