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'oddities' Is My Friend...

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I seem to find the strange ones.. Or, the ones that make no sense - or at least to me, 'cuz I'm not too up on all the technical side of things. :blink:


Anyways, if you look here, looks like an easy find. (I didn't make a log yet. I need to go back.) I was searching for it, and found the black/white NGS "Witness Post" sign. However, no sign of the mark /anywhere/. Untill I looked where I was standing. Ripped up from the ground was a three-foot long, one-foot in diameter cement.. thing. On the top (side) was a disc. I thought I found it, soI snapped a few pics. Obviously destroyed, as only gawd knows where it originally was. Someone was kind enough to put it back 'near' the sign.


Get back here and pull that entry up. I see their picture and.. waitaminut. It's a completely different mark. Mine has the same inscription, 'cept the date is five years later and has a DOT transcription. The sign's there, but no sign of the mark that was photographed. In fact, where I FOUND the sign is quite a bit away from the adjusted GPS coords (not sure about the directions, hence why I am going back before making any log.)


A (rather large, sorry) shot of the ripped up one:



Now, it it just a lucky coinkidink that this 'ripped up' one is right next to the NGS sign, or is this some secondary mark that was placed somewhere else, despite having the same stamped identification? This is just strange, I was so ready to mark it as destroyed, too. <_< Maybe I'll go out and get a lotto ticket.. with all these 'strangeness' I seem to find... heck. :blink:



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What you seem to have found is an azimuth mark set at a later date by the DOT--the markings "1978 AZMK" on the disk are what make me think that . While most azi stations are .5 or so miles away from the primary station, I have seen them a lot closer. It is also possible that this mark was set as a sort of refernce mark or eccentric mark to the station--because the original station ended up in the driveway, the azi might have been set as an eccentric mark to allow a survey crew to set up over it without being disturbed by traffic.


Is there evidence of construction nearby? Or a 3 foot by 1 foot hole??

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Yeah, probably in the last three or so years, a metal pre-fab building was erected. (The NGS witness post sign is surprisingly only about 2-3 inches from the poured slab, which makes it highly unlikel that the sign was undistiurbed in the process. <_< No hole, as far as I could see. So if it's an azimuth marker that was erected later, then it got torn up when the building went in, the sign was moved and either just happened to have been put in front of the tornup marker, or someone thought they belonged together..


Guess it's not as odd, then.. just a coincidence that they happened to be right next to each other. :unsure:

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