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An Atv Cache


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I'd say go for it! There is one near me that I have yet to get to, but not for lack of trying....

Had 2 flats on the same trip to the cache.....

Anyway, its GCWGGE 4-Wheeler Fun (Polk Co.)


Its a great opportunity to do a multi, a mystery or whatever given the fact you are designating people to use transportation, ATV. The will be prepared to travel, have the gps, etc-

A single coord might not be as interesting, but I'd do it no matter what.


Just be sure to keep wasps, bees, rodents etc "homes" in mind when hiding.


I'll get over to the cache I referenced, I just have to get a couple new tires for the trailer....

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Is your cache in a designated riding area for ATVs? My husband loved it when we found a cache in Florida while on our dirt bikes in an Motorcycle/ATV park. We also searched for a couple on a trail system in Pennsylvania while on our bikes.


For us, combining the two activities (riding and caching) is ideal. Personally though, I probably would never trailer my bike to a place and hop on it solely to search out a cache. I'm sure there's people out there who would love to try it though.

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My sister and her husband live in Oregon and they are the ones that turned us onto geocaching. In the past 6 months they have purchased 2 dirt bikes and 2 ATVs. (Kids went off the college and the parents are playing now.) They have been geocaching via ATVs a couple of times in the last few months. She just loves it. So YES YES YES - put it out there. We think you will have a great responce.




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I'm a member of the PRC Ranger Club and we are having a Geocache ride for one of the offered rides at our Tennessee Rally in a couple of weeks. Check out PRC at www.prcforum.com if you like Rangers. We also have a section we just added for Geocaching.

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