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Antarctic Historic Monuments / Places Of Interest Category

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Good Day,


I'm trying to gauge interest in a category for the historic monuments in Antarctica. Currently, there are 76 historic monuments recognized under Article 8 of Annex Five to the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.


These 76 locations are all in Antarctica and are accessable by scientists working on the continent. SOme are accessable by tourists visiting the continent on commerical ships. I visited the continent on one of these commerical ships and visited Petermann Island, location of Historic Site #27. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to visit the site, but I think waymarks of these sites would be interesting.


I know that travel to Antarctica is extremely limited, and for that reason would consider widening the category to a more broad listing such as Antarctic Places of Interest. These could include research stations, landing spots, and event swimming holes (yes there are some, I've swam in one), among others.


Is this category broad enough to survive? There are 15 geocaches in Antarctica. About half are Virtual and the remainer are physical caches. All but three have been visited.


What are your thoughts on this category? If you think it's viable, would any of you be interested in forming a group with me to manage the category? Any thoughts are appreciated.




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I'm going to bump this to the top in the hopes of elicitng more responses to my inquiry. What do people think about an Antarctic Points of Interest / Historic Monuments Category. I'll guess by the lack of response that people don't think it's a good idea.


If you have a thought on this, however fleeting, would you mind posting it? Also, Thanks to Crew 152 for the response and support, I appreciate it!

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if they do have markers, then it would be a valid category...though it would be a small listing, and not get many logs....but how many caches are rarely logged? (i have a cache placed in Nov 2005 that has only been found 3 times)


how aboud including the antartic musuem/experience in Christchurch, New Zealand? i do believe that if a historical marker category is created, it should be limited to those markers. and then ther rest would fit into an 'all things antartic' category--placing the swimming holes in that specific category.....

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