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What Makes An Ideal Cache?

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I am fairly new to Geocaching, but have put out two caches that appear to have been appreciated. But what makes an ideal cache? Location, contents, size or all three.


The next cache I put out will be an ammo box (not in the near future) and would appreciate knowing what the diversity of opinion on this subject is. :rolleyes:

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Location first, then concentrate on a hiding place.


It is as well to go for the biggest cache the hiding place will allow, so as to encourage people with kids (the kids really do love the swapping).


The contents will deteriorate change in time anyway, so that is not as important.

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Don't make it too easy - I think people appreciate a bit of a challenge. :unsure:

Choose a good location - don't just put a cache out for the sake of it. <_<

Contents are fairly unimportant unless you're caching with children. :rolleyes:

Size isn't everything, folk generally prefer bigger boxes but a good micro can be just as enjoyable. <_<

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What I would say is when you spot somewhere to place a cache and you would enjoy finding said cache then that, in my opinion, is the guide to if it is a good cache.


Personally I would make the cache size fit the place and not start with the cache I would be placing. This is why I have three full size caches, two micros and some magnetic experiments next to me now. I could put them out, but I am waiting until I see somewhere that I think is good.


Strangely the last cache I placed was the exception to my rule because the container was given to me as a gift, but I am not overly excited with what I have done with it. The cacher did give me another nifty design though that is waiting until I see somewhere that is just perfect.

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As a general rule I would go with The Golem, but remember there is probably no one size fits all GeoCache, there has to be a trade off between the challenge involved and the number of visitors you get; you can see that by going to GcUK and checking the top caches in Cumbria (#1 Black Sails is a 4/5, but it gets rave reviews). I found the Elements of Style in GeoCaching article on Geocacher U a good general guide and this chart is a good guide to what suits which style of cache:


Its worth while going on forays outside your normal hunting ground, or looking in some of the threads elsewhere in the Forums for ideas, some of us even like to solve puzzle caches and then forget to take the solutions with us when we visit that part of the country. Develop your own style John, that way you can fill some unexplored niche - for instance why not base some of your easy walking+nice pub ideas. Personally two unexplored areas I could suggest are letterbox hybrids (designing stamps is fun, though beware those smitten with swap fever they will pinch anything) and a a well themed series - if you pitch it so that its just possible for mere mortals to do your Series and bag the Bonus Cache at the end in one day it makes for a great day out. Some words of warning though; laying a series linked to a bonus cache can become an all consuming passion. :rolleyes:


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I always ask myself "Why?". "Why would someone want to come here?".


If you can come up with a ready answer to that question - and it could be the view, the physical challenge, a hidden gem, an interesting story or bit of history, or even just to swap TBs - then you're onto a winner. If the best you can manage is "it's the only place I could find to hide my little tupperware box in this god-forsaken place" then it might be worth reconsidering... ;)

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..............Location, contents, size or all three.


The location doesn't really matter, despite what you'll hear to the contrary. It IS all about numbers so if you want a lot of visitors, hide it in a lay-by on the nearest 'A' road.


Contents... See 'Location'. Cachers are in too much of a hurry to bother swapping stuff. Just make sure the log book is big enough to be seen easily and is at the top of the box.


Size is important.... If it's a micro, you sure as hell won't get me visiting it. Small caches are harder to find and can waste valuable seconds. A nice big ammo can is ideal... preferably painted bright red (black spots are optional... eh, Ladybird?)



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Each to there own...I would say location is an important issue...see Alpha Quest Bonus Cache.You may not get a lot of visitors but the caches who do come have enjoyed the cache.If unable to find a nice locaion go for cleverness..see Alpha Quest-U.As with the size,some cachers wont touch micros,but if they have been hidden with thought..see AQY-CE cachers love them.If you want lots of visitors,place one within a stones throw of a Major road with easy access..see Alpha Quest-T..if you really want to know how to please everybody..lay a cache like this..Your `aving a laugh. As with regards to colour

painted bright red (black spots are optional... eh, Ladybird?)
...Pharisee,thats just to easy..lol..,...just remmeber you cant please all cachers all the time.f you are happy wth yor cache and would enjoy finding it,then your half way there....hope ths helps..have fun ;)
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I think what makes a good cache to me is a subtle combination of location, physical challenge and mental challenge. So a well hidden cache in a nice location will score the same as a cunning puzzle in an average location. I enjoy urban micros, especially if they are cunning. I dislike micros hidden in the woods where you could easily hide a proper sized box. Contents of the cache don't really come into it, but for people hunting with kids, the prospect of interesting stuff insdie the cache box certainly helps.

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I am fairly new to Geocaching, but have put out two caches that appear to have been appreciated. But what makes an ideal cache? Location, contents, size or all three.



Johnmelad,the answer is simple..... The ideal cache is one I can find.(even if it takes a little brain power.)

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Fact: The most visited cache in the UK is a micro <_< <_<


The ideal cache should: Offer a challenge appropriate to everyone's abilities (impossible) in a location everyone will love (impossible) and reward the finder with just the caching experience they're looking for at the time (impossible).


Better then to hide a selection of caches, which will appeal to quickie-numbers-fans, location-junkies, hard-core-thrill-seeking cachers, swapaholics and those just after a nice walk. That way you'll please most of the people most of the time - and the ones you don't please have simply picked a cache unsuited to them or their requirements at the time.


In effect, there is no such thing as an ideal cache. Only an ideal cache for you, when you're in the mood for that sort of cache. To echo many other's comments, I tend to hide the sort of caches I like finding, but as I travel away from my home area I tend to look for quickies so I can do lots in one trip. Thus I'm heading towards placing more fun trads in future.


Location is key for me. I don't care how well stocked a box is, if it's a dull and pointless location, I'll not be impressed. Size isn't important to me. From sneaky nano to a big bucket in the woods, so long as it's hidden with flare, I'm happy. As I don't cache with kids, swaps aren't so important to me. Multis which show you an interesting area and Puzzles are fine by me... except I like caching because it gets me out into the countryside. If the puzzle means I'm going to be sat in front of my PC for three hours to crack it, I might just leave it for another day! Still, different strokes for different folks and I know some people enjoy cracking enigma codes and doing sudoku of an evening :D

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