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Honeychile's Personal Geocoin


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Greetings! Just a note to let the coin collecting community know that tonight at 9:30 EST, my personal coin will be released for sale to the public. The nice folks at the Geocoinstore helped me with this exciting project. You can see the details and photo of the coin here.


The design is mine, developed from one of my more popular button designs. It's trackable on geocaching.com with its own black widow icon (visible at the right of the photo).


It expresses the sentiment we all understand:


Bitten by the geocaching bug?


The only cure is plenty of cache!


Thanks for taking a look at my coin.



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500 total were minted. Of course, I am not selling all of them in the geocoinstore, but have kept some for giving away, putting in caches, and trading. As of this moment (4:21 am EST) there are still 136 in the geocoinstore. BTW, I just love the way I can access the stats on my sales there -- why else would I still be up at 4am? <_<


Thanks for your interest.



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Aw, thank you Token Collector! I enjoy hiding caches just as much as finding them. I'm especially into themed caches and I can picture this coin hiding as the first finder prize among a lot of other "spidery" things. Maybe for Halloween!


Thanks so much for the interest and support of all who have read and participated in this thread. I imagine this will be my last post because the stats in the coinstore indicate there are only 10 coins left, so I hope it will be sold out soon.


This has been so much fun I might have to try it again sometime! <_<

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