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Category Proposal: Unique And Extreme Climate

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I've been struggling with the existing directory of categories for about 20 minutes now, without finding the category I need, so I've decided to propose it.


I think, under the Nature category, we should have a category called Unique and Extreme Climates.


This category would be home to the coldest, hottest, wettest, driest, windiest, stormiest, sunniest, cloudiest, lightest, and darkest in any given region / country.


The first waymark that I would put in this category is a ground marker in Lytton, BC, Canada, that marks what they call "Canada's Hot Spot" – commonly known as the hottest city in the country. I have a photograph of the marker, the coordinates, and have recorded the text from a nearby plaque.


I'm not a premium member, but if any interested premium member is reading and would like to create a new group to launch this category, then by all means – here is the torch!


Thank you for your consideration!


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Interesting . . . there used to be a sign in Frazier, Colorado designating it as the "Ice Box of the Nation."


I don't know if it is still there, however.


Maybe someone else will have some input about this. I don't know how many Waymarks this Category would include . . . :unsure:

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