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I just set up a slew of quick p&g caches and they are getting a lot of activity. The logs were clogging my e-mail box so I set up another e-mail account and went into my profile and changed the e-mail address. Then Geocaching.com said they would send me a validation code to prove it was me that changed my e-mail address, but the validation code has never come thru. Now I can't get into my profile or a couple of caches that are awaiting review and need some editing. What do I do now? I can't contact anyone at Geocaching directly, I'm locked out of working with my pending caches---I am feeling a little frustrated. And I am leaving on vacation, and I hate to leave the remaining caches in this sweries dangling. Does anyone know what I can do?


Plus, of course, now I am not getting any of my PQ's and I need those for my trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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