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Garmin 76 Cx Fs

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I'm going to sell my 76 Cx. I bought this unit at the end of May and have used it on some caches and road trips, but for some reason I just like my old Lowrance unit and think I'm going to go back. I still have the box for the unit and the USB cable. I also have a power/serial data cable I'll throw in as well. I never used this cable as a data cable, but used it as a power cable. Everything is in awesome condition.


I'm asking $400 shipped for the unit.


PM me or email at matt@hunterscentral.com

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Maybe I'll just have to go to eBay if no interest.


I don’t think you’ll do much better there. I just did a completed auction search of 76Cx on eBay. Looks like “New” 76Cx’s are going for $320.00 - $350.00. Then you have to subtract eBay’s cut. I posted the link here but you must be logged on to eBay to view it. In some ways technology stinks. Welcome to the world of electronics.

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I'd imagine that you will have problems getting a good price for this one. You might want to hang on to it for a spare so you don't lose so much money on it.


I just checked Amazon, and they have the Garmin GPSMap 60CSx for $395 (and then there is the $50 rebate and the $30 if you sign up for the credit card--making it as low as $315)...and that one has mosre features and is brand new.


If I were you, I'd try one of the online auction houses, or even Amazon (though they already have 25 of the 76 Cx's for sale used.

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That is one heck of an expensive spare, but I know what you mean. Thanks for the advice.


I just wish somehow I could get a hold of one of those people who are going to walk into a retail store and drop the $450 for a unit within the next week or two.


Oh well....life goes on!

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