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Category Proposal: City Views

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I have created a City Viewers group to develop and manage a category for places that have great views of a city skyline. In managing the Best Kept Secrets category, I have had to turn down at least two submission for locations that were simply nice places to go and see the skyline of a city or town. A City View would be any location from which you have a good view of the skyline of a city or town. This could be from a hill outside of town, a building, a boat on a lake or in the harbor, etc. The location would have to be publicly accessible but may require a fee (for admission, boat ride, etc.) A sub-category (probably handled by a variable) would be places for viewing the city lights after dark. The category would require a picture be posted to list the waymark. Variables would include the city/town name, available after dark, and fee (if any). I invite any one interested to join the group and post your suggestions here. If you are interested in becoming an officer send me a private message.

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