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You should be able to change your settings to the proper format in your GPSr. If not, the math is pretty simple. Just divide the last 5 digits of the Lat/Lon by 60. For instance, say your Latitude is N28* 57.321. Divide the 57.321 by 60, which equals 0.95535. Now substitute the zero before the decimal point for the 28, and you have N28.95535.

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Hey, Riff, where were you when I got to the thirteenth ammo can and I all needed to get to the 14th (and FINAL) was add the bearings from each stage for A and the distances for B and the special codes for C and take the derivative and divide by the GDP of Upper Slovenia? Where? Huh? I laughed and logged my DNF. dang.


On Topic, most GPSr have a menu screen and somewhere is a set up screen and there is a place to set coordinate format. As you know, you want Degrees Minutes and Decimal Minutes.

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what kind of gps do you have. I think it depends on the type?


my gps is a medion. its one ALDI put out a few years ago. its a great one but the program doesnt do the deg min option. its mainly for road directions. I think I kno how to do it now thank you for your alls help.

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