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How Do I Do "caches Along A Route"

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As I recall, there is a way to do caches along a route. Where can I find this function? Thanks.


If you're a premium member you can use caches along a route. You'd need to goto your account details and then on the right hand side it will say "Find Caches Along a Route. NEW!" and bingo you're there. Hope this helps!



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You're in luck - I just updated my FAQ with the most current information and methods.

And I want to thank you for doing it and for posting it on here.


I'm no technophobe, but I just finished my masters in December and I've been procrastinating about learning too many new things since then B)


In the last month, I forced myself to figure out how to use my digital camera to take pics of the stars, and I installed GSAK and Cachemate (to replace Plucker, Spinner, easyGPS I had been using). Just this week, l I joined the world of high speed Internet, after suffering with dial-up for years. I have been putting off trying to download and figure out Google Earth, but wanted to be able to do caches along a route. When I saw your link I thought I'd try it. Oh my, am I glad I did. Your instructions were super, and Google Earth is amazing.


OK> I am up-to-date I think---That probably menas the technology is getting stale and someone will very shortly come up with a whole new set of peripheral programs for geocaching :lol:

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