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Pocketmod Booklet For Tb


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I searched the forums but didn't come across any mention of this nifty tool. www.pocketmod.com has a free app that makes a small 8-page booklet out of one page of 8-1/2 x 11 paper. There are standard pages - shopping lists, addresses, that sort of thing. But there's also a downloadable PDF-to-Pocketmod converter that turns any PDF file into a Pocketmod. I just made a log for a TB I'm about to release in Word, saved it as a PDF and converted it, and it works great. Print, fold, and cut, and it's done!


Some guidelines: Since each page has to be scaled-down to 1/8 page, think BIG. I used 36 and 48 point text. My table borders and lines were 4.5 and 6 points. Blank lines in my tables (for writing in) were 42 points high. I used a sans-serif font, Trebuchet, so it'll be legible. I made a "passport" with a line for each state in the US and a column for date and geocacher name. Look at this TB page in a few days for a pic of the final product.


There are several free PDF converters, too ( PDFCreator is one), so you don't have to pay for Adobe Acrobat to do it.


Now if I could just come up with some waterproof paper to print it on...

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