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2 Paperless Caching Questions

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New To Paperless Caching


1) My caching buddy has a Palm M515. We were going out spontaneously the other day and had no time to get a PQ. We manually downloaded waypoints to our GPS's, but could not figure out how to do individual caches to

the PDA. Every instruction we could find started with PQ's. Can this be done?


2) I have been "lent" a Casio Cassiopeia handheld computer. I haven't even gotten it turned on yet because owner lost power adaptor cord, waiting (and waiting and waiting and waiting...) for Casio to ship out replacement adaptor. In the meantime, have been reading up on paperless caching and now I am concerned that Cachemate will not work with Casio, since it seems to have been developed specifically with Palms in mine. Does anyone have experience with this question? Experience with Cassiopeia? I don't want to invest a lot of time and struggling with Casio, then find out I would have been better off spending a few bucks on eBay and getting a Palm. (Though I appreciate the lending of what seems to be a darned fancy machine)


Thank you.

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Individual caches into Palm - Yup, you can do it. Download the .gpx files (from the individual cache pages) and open them with GSAK and you can send them to your Palm same as if the files had come from a PQ.


Sorry, I can't help you with the other...

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From what I was able to find it depends on what model you have and what OS it uses. Cachemate has a version for both palm and Pocket PC. It looks like the some of the casio use Pocket PC os, but I am not sure what version. you need Pocket PC 2002 or later to use Cachemate.

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Doing the "google" it looks like your handheld runs pocket PC software versus Palm software. But don't be discouraged... It also looks like the cachemate folks have been working on a pocket PC version of Cachemate. Go Here for the details.


HTH - Good luck.

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I used a Casio for several years. It runs the Pocket PC 2000 operating system, and cannot be upgraded. Unfortunately, it will not run Cachemate, GPXSonar, or GPXView.


It is somewhat of a fancy machine, but was much fancier six years ago when it was released. Today's Pocket PCs have much greater functionality.


If your intention is for paperless caching only, I'd agree with your assertion that a cheap Palm would be your best route.

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