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Kzn! Late Notice... In Dbn For The Weekend

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Greetings all,


I will be in the DBN over this weekend (29/07/2006) from Friday 3pm-ish to Monday 6pm-ish. I know it is late notice, but should anyone want to suggest a cache or 5 to do without my team-mate (SHOCK SHOCK HORROR HORROR) let me know.


I would also be keen to meet up with any of you interesting folk that think you don’t live in a large sand-pit :unsure:


Let me know of drop me a email via GC.com or GC.za.net


Hope to see some of you soon!



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Deadline... what deadline?


There are still 19 days left... :D But, I promise you that it is a very special deadline!


I am more distressed by the fact that no one want to see me... B) That and there are no suggestible caches in DNB. Maybe all the cachers are just hibernating.

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errr, discombob here. I might be logged in as landyman and susieQ

There are lots of great caches in dbn. Although I am about a year behind :lol:

Some of the must dos are:


Durban view

House of the rising sun

Blue Blood paradox

Kloof falls viewpoint (I think thats the name)

Sacred Heart

Paradise lost and found

Dune Forest cache (This might be disabled now)


Glenholme cache 1 or 2 (I think one has been readopted by Whostops)

Virgin Bush


oops, must dash, lift leaving




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Blue Blood paradox......... Grrrr........ Qqqqqqq..... $@#$@#%..... VERY SHNEEAKY!!!


Thanks guys for the suggestions and the caching trip on Sunday. It was great! Really had a blast getting lost in the wonders of sleepy Durban, though not as sleepy as Cape Town and definately not as sleepy as Mpumalanga. MU HU HA HA HA HA.


Thanx again guys!


Brendan aka Part 2 aka F or QFC.

*discamer - very tired at the moment - hence the craziness*

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